2017 pictures

2017 House of Politics team researched and filmed in the Berlaymont building, headquarters of the EU Commission. The group had access to public areas and service zones. Some of the normally restricted areas revealed intriguing aspects of the building, like communications infrastructure, TV sets and security protocols. Here under are a series of pictures of the first visits and the filming.


Presentations by a series of invited tutors and lecturers took place in the Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta (ULB). Here under pictures of three talks by Benoit Moritz (MSA Office architects), Veronique Patteeuw (OASE) and Denis Pohl (UdK Berlin).


At the end of the workshop, the resulting films were presented in the auditorium of Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta (ULB), as part of a series of presentations of the research departments in the faculty.